Headshot-white shirt, blue background 2017Dana Gonnerman is the Founder and President of Mastering Excellence, Inc. After finishing her B.A. in Accounting, Dana chose a non-traditional career path which provided the freedom and flexibility to earn an executive income while raising her three daughters.

In 1995, she began building a highly successful, independent sales organization as part of a division of a Fortune 500 company. With this business, she earned some of the most lucrative incentive rewards available including international trips and vehicles. Dana was a national trainer with this organization for over 13 years and trained some of their top producers.  While living in several Midwest cities, she grew and developed a large, successful team of sales consultants across the United States.

Recognizing her passion for developing and empowering professionals, she founded Mastering Excellence, Inc.  Dana equips clients to develop processes and implement tools that align their vision with specific actions essential for success. She loves the challenge of putting the pieces together to provide clarity and confidence for her clients.  She is passionate about sharing successful business mindsets and tools so others can excel and achieve greatness!

Untitled-2As Vice President of Mastering-Excellence, Inc. Mike Gonnerman provides manufacturing companies and private equity leadership the partnership perspective they can use to succeed in growing and strengthening their businesses. Mike has over 25 years of experience working in manufacturing companies. Mike has been the COO of a quickly growing company that he helped lead from one location and 125 employees to ten locations and over 1,000 employees. Mike has worked for a large, industry leading manufacturing company where he was challenged with continuously challenging product development, process development and project management roles. Early in his career Mike had the opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 company developing weapon systems.

Mike has over 15 years of experience leading continuous improvement teams and activities in companies ranging from 40 employees to 5,000 employees.  He has the unique perspective of an engineer’s training and product development experience while being driven by the excitement of helping all employees grow in their own ways and become valuable contributors in their organizations.

Mike has the ability to communicate with the CEO and COO about the Project Scope and then walk onto the shop floor and motivate the hourly employee to engage in the changes needed to improve their work experience. He is able to step into any environment and quickly assess the current process, leadership structure and product details. This allows him to partner with you in developing a strategy that is customized to your goals and manageable within your resource constraints.

Mike will be working shoulder to shoulder with all of your employees, getting their buy-in and building the report required to transfer the ownership of the project from his hands to your employee’s hands and minds.

Mike holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering from Iowa State University.
Mike earned a Six Sigma Black Belt from Air Academy Associates and a Lean Sigma Black Belt from Flow Consulting.