Corporate Workshops

Dana Gonnerman, President of Mastering Excellence, Inc., is the perfect choice to motivate, inspire and equip individuals in your organization, association or at your event.  For more information on Dana’s extensive experience, please see the “About Us “tab.   All topics are available as a Keynote Address, Breakout Session and half or full day event.  Contact us for more information and pricing details.

Be the Zebra

Time is your most limited resource!  The workshop is an introduction to mastering the interruptions and transitions in your day.  Learn the first tool in “Being the Zebra” to increase your productivity, maximize your creativity and improve your performance by taking back control of your time.

T.R.U.E. Communication

One of the greatest obstacles to the level of success you deserve may be communication.   T.R.U.E. Communication teaches you to speak the language of your prospect, client, team and family.  Dip your toe into the four communication languages and how the landmine and goldmine languages impact the outcomes of your communication.  Begin the journey to becoming T.R.U.Ely multi-communication lingual.

No More “One Night Stand” Marketing

Marketing only works when it’s not a “One Night Stand.”  Professionals are often frustrated when their their networking, social media, emails and events don’t yield the referrals and sales they anticipate.  This program uncovers the reasons your marketing strategies aren’t working and equips you to create plans for eliminating your “One Night Stand” habits.  Convert your marketing activities from something you just check off the list to effective activities that actually grow your business and career.

What’s Your Marketing IQ?

Marketing and advertising are often incorrectly assumed to be the same thing.  Discover the truth about what marketing really is and which strategies are the most effective for your organization so you can intelligently allocate your energy and resources for greater results.  Learn what you need to create a vibrant marketing plan targeted to your prospects and outcome goals.

Does Your Dog Bite?

Developing relationships begins with asking questions, but traditional question-based training often makes the prospect defensive.  Probative questions without a relationship base can cost you money and be detrimental to your ability to create clients.  Learn to obtain the prospect’s permission to deliver your presentation and offer solutions by asking the right relationship-building questions.

Are You Referrable?

There are many layers to your referrability.  Uncover the keys to making you and your organization more referable.  Learn to equip your sphere of influence to more easily refer to you.  Create client experiences that keep you top of mind.  Ensure rather than assume others can and will truly refer your business.