Focused on moving you from your current state to the levels of success you desire, Executive Leadership and Peak Performance Coaching provides the opportunity to grow at your own pace.  Coaching topics emphasize intentional growth, high performance success and creating a dynamic life.  The most successful candidates are coachable, focused on increased leadership effectiveness and connection to their team, strive for performance excellence, desire new opportunities to expand themselves and their organization and want to leave fabulous lives!
“Through [Mastering Excellence’s] coaching and group coaching sessions I’m challenged and leave feeling empowered. Working with Dana is a necessary part of my professional development that will assist in achieving my goals and aspirations.”
Mike, Commercial Real Estate

Intentional Growth

Focus on intentional growth, performance and productivity excellence and leading thriving teams and staff to create success.  Identify, implement and master skills essential for top performance and exceptional results.

Intentional Growth may include:

      • Transitioning skills from current levels to the heights of top achievers
      • Clarifying your value and differentiating yourself in the marketplace.
      • Improving your close ratio.
      • Identifying your deal client.
      • Choosing the best business model and developing that model.
      • Effectively defining and communicating who you are, what you have to offer and why you’re the best solution for your prospects.
      • Identifying your ideal client.
      • Enhancing client attraction, creation and retention.
      • Effective time management.
      • Creating clear parameters for making powerful decisions.
      • Moving from a “Me” to “We” mindset–adding to your organization.

High Performance Success

Master skills and mindsets essential for exponential growth. Top achievers recognize the dramatic contributions and impact a business coach and others in their organization have on their success.

Enhance your ability to:

      • Adjust your processes, strategies and high impact actions to align with your current growth goals.
      • Move from MANAGING your business and career to LEADING it.
      • Refine decision making capabilities so you can easily identify and evaluate opportunities.
      • Control transitions in your day and life to increase productivity, improve performance and expand creativity.
      • Manage your time and calendar consistently and effectively.
      • Create clear strategies for making powerful decisions.

Living a Fabulous Life

True leaders desire dynamic lives!  Discover how to have both personal and professional success.

Discover how you can:

      • Create harmony, not just balance between your personal and professional goals.
      • Make flexibility part of your plans for growth.
      • Uncover tools to increase your effectiveness.
      • Reduce the home/work guilt battle.