“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

– Jim Rohn

The people with whom you surround yourself dramatically impact your mindset, attitude, effectiveness. Accelerate your personal development and achievement while contributing to the growth and success of others by choosing one of our group opportunities.

Mastermind Groups

  • Coach facilitated mastermind environment.
  • Learn from the coach and other members.
  • Share your experience and expertise to encourage and mentor others.
  • Great option for those who want to investigate coaching, but aren’t ready for one-on-one format.
  • Develop relationships with peers who will encourage, support and help you grow.
  • Mastermind group participants will be matched with others by the coach.Weekly or biweekly sessions.
    Group size: Up 10 (Please discuss larger group requests with the coach.)

Power Groups

  • This offering is designed to strengthen the effectiveness and impact of your referral partners or other circles of influence.
  • Collaboratively increase the power of your referrals to each other.
  • Identify the alignment in business and career philosophies.
  • Encourage and support other successful professionals in your sphere.
  • Power groups participants are identified by the group for maximum business impact.Biweekly weekly sessions can be done virtually or in person.
    Group size:  Up 10 (Please discuss larger group requests with the coach.)