Be the Zebra

Time is your most limited resource!  This unique program equips you to master the interruptions and transitions in your day.  Increase your productivity, maximize your creativity and improve performance by taking back control of your time.  Create your own “Zebra” plan to get the most out of every day, be the best version of you and prevent burnout.

“So many great tools packed into a short few weeks!”
Michelle, Wealth Manager

T.R.U.E. Communication

One of the greatest obstacles to the level of success you deserve may be communication.   T.R.U.E. Communication teaches you to speak the language of your prospect, client, team and family.  If you are using your scripts but still hitting roadblocks to the closing success you desire or if your organization has the right people in the right roles based on their skills and personalities but still struggle with individuals butting heads, this coaching program is critical to making the changes necessary to increase sales and strengthen the team culture.  Learn to identify and speak the four personality based communication languages so you can create understanding, improve decision making, identify opportunities, strengthen relationships, increase sales and reduce conflict.  Whether working with clients, staff or other important relationships, this program equips you to create great experiences.

“Great! Loved your energy and appreciated your clear communication–way to speak to us all so well in our different languages!”
Cassady, Charitable Corporate Relations

No More “One Night Stand” Marketing

Marketing only works when it’s not a “One Night Stand.”  Professionals are often frustrated when their their networking, social media, emails and events don’t yield the referrals and sales they anticipate.  This program uncovers the reasons your marketing strategies aren’t working and equips you to create plans for eliminating your “One Night Stand” habits.  Convert your marketing activities from something you just check off the list to effective activities that actually grow your business and career.

“[The] coaching program has increased my productivity and the ability to buy back time through eliminating distractions and wasteful activities. . . I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to make better use of their time.”
Kathy, SCRUM Specialist

Mastering the Client Experience

Exceptional client experiences yield dynamic businesses.  Differentiate yourself in the market by uncovering the little opportunities others overlook to take your client interactions from great to superior!  This group coaching program will change the way you look at all aspects of your client engagement and propel you to develop loyal fans.