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Recognizing her passion for developing and empowering professionals, she founded Mastering Excellence, Inc. Dana equips clients to develop processes and implement tools that align their vision with specific actions essential for success. She loves the challenge of putting the pieces together to provide clarity and confidence for her clients.

Reason #4 Your Networking Is Killing Your Business: You don’t have a clear purpose!

Why did you participate in the last networking activity you attended? Did you put any thought into it or did you simply go out of habit? Most professionals fail to have a plan for their networking activities. This means they are either using the time ineffectively or wasting it completely. Both are killing business by […]

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Reason #3 Your Networking Is Killing Your Business: It’s all the same people.

Many professionals are members or attendees of regularly occurring networking groups.  While recurring events can create camaraderie and develop relationships, seeing all the same people can kill your business. This does not mean all networking groups are bad.  The key is to evaluate the purpose of your attendance, the value you contribute and the value […]

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Reason #2 Your Networking Is Killing Your Business: You forgot the root words of network.

The word network is made up of two root words:  net and work.  If you ignore either of them, your networking activities will kill your business!

We often associate the first root word, net, with fishing.  Successful fisherman spend a lot of time checking and mending their nets.   The net is only as strong as the […]

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Are You Creating Confused Customers?

Today’s Business Public Service Announcement!

Confused prospects never buy, they just say no!  They won’t tell you they’re confused because they don’t want to look or feel stupid.  Today I experienced some crazy mixed marketing messages that left me confused.  These signs were on the front windows of a national chain store that is closing two […]

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Why Your Networking Is Killing Your Business


Most professionals recognize that networking is an important part of their marketing plan.  Many are even required by their organization to network as part of their job.  Unfortunately, the vast majority despise networking events.  The reasons vary, but the most complaints are, “They’re a waste of time.”  “I never get any business out of them.” […]

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